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Should You Get a Postnuptial Agreement?

Most couples have heard of prenuptial agreements. These documents outline what the parties can expect in the event of a divorce—before the couple is married. You may be wondering “Can I get a prenup after marriage?” Many couples may not know that they can get postnuptial agreements as well. A postnuptial agreement follows the same […]

What is Marital Waste?

Updated October 2017 In the United States, the likelihood of a marriage ending in divorce is almost fifty percent. When a divorce is underway, financial disagreement between the spouses is an issue that is almost inevitable. A spouse’s spending habits can impact a marital relationship and also may be significant during a divorce proceeding. When […]

What to Know About Child Custody and Travel

The end of summer is approaching. Many kids are already back in school, but there’s still time for one last vacation before the cooler weather hits. Labor Day weekend—one of the busiest travel weekends of the year—will be here soon. More than 35 million Americans traveled during Labor Day weekend in 2015. Traveling outside of […]

Retirement Accounts: The Most Overlooked Asset in Divorce

As if going through a divorce wasn’t emotionally stressful enough, the financial aspect of cutting ties with a former spouse can be daunting, to say the least. While alimony, child support, and real property come front-and-center during divorce proceedings an often forgotten asset is just as important – the spouse’s retirement account. Get What You […]

How is Credit Card Debt Split in a New York Divorce?

You may not be too concerned about your husband’s high balance on his credit cards. After all, it’s his debt, right? Wrong! Once you say “I do,” you both share not only assets, ut debts as well. While he may be the one paying his credit cards while you’re married, that all could change in […]

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a divorce where the couple works together to reach their divorce settlement, rather than having the court determine their settlement for them or working with a mediator to reach an agreement. A collaborative divorce is the most hands-off divorce a couple can choose, but this does not mean that there is […]

Dividing Retirement Accounts in a Divorce

When a couple ends their marriage through divorce, they have to divide all of their marital assets equitably. Marital assets are assets obtained or developed during the couple’s marriage, and this can include everything from real estate to savings accounts, jewelry, personal property, interest in a small business or professional practice, and retirement accounts like […]

How Do I Obtain a No Signature Required Divorce in New York?

The term “no signature divorce” can be a bit misleading. Although you can complete a divorce without your spouse’s consent, you must take steps to notify him or her of your intention to divorce. If you cannot locate your spouse, you can still file for divorce, but only after you have taken steps to attempt […]

Pre-Divorce Versus Post-Divorce Alimony

The stress and anxiety that comes with divorce can be difficult to manage, so a strong Brooklyn alimony attorney is essential.  Divorce can affect every aspect of your life, from your home, income, family, to your social life.  Many divorces result in one spouse having to pay alimony (referred to as maintenance by the State of […]

The Five Applicable Grounds for Divorce in New York

In New York, a couple must provide a “ground,” or a reason, for their divorce in order to move forward with the divorce process. There are four fault-based grounds for divorce and one no-fault ground recognized by the New York divorce courts. Abandonment, Adultery, Imprisonment, Cruel and Inhuman Treatment are considered “fault-based” and Irretrievable Breakdown […]